For helpdesk agents, please close the tickets :)

Hi @dkayiwa and @jwnasambu,

As you two are already pretty used to the helpdesk system, I’ll ask you to please ‘resolve’ the ticket if you think the request was satisfied (for example, the user was granted the required permission).

Also, after a week or two of inactivity from the user, please make sure to ping them and ask if there are any new information.

After 2 weeks without answer from them, the ticket can be closed.

I’ve been visiting helpdesk very rarely, sometimes only once a week, and it’s a little bit hard to find the tickets requiring my attention.

Thanks so much!

Do you mean the “Update & Resolve” button? :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are several different ways of resolving a ticket. Any way will do it :smiley:

Thanks! :smile:

@cintiadr thanks promise

@jwnasambu and @dkayiwa ,

What’s the best way for us to communicate?

If you need to escalate a problem to me, do you prefer to have a telegram channel? Or do you want to create a topic in talk?

Am not on telegram :smile:

I do not know about Julie.

@cintiadr am on telegram as Juliet Wamalwa. I wouldn’t mind using telegram if its effective with you.