Following OpenMRS on Twitter

Hi everyone … a couple quick updates regarding our OpenMRS presence on Twitter:

Follow @OpenMRS for community updates: Our long-standing account is now an official Twitter Verified Account, which indicates to people that it’s the official channel for news and information about the OpenMRS Community. Be sure to follow this account to hear about new projects and announcements of the great work people are doing worldwide around the community.

Stay up to date with OpenMRS Talk: You can now get updates of new conversations here by following @OpenMRS_Talk. Each new post here on Talk will be shared by this account so you can stay up-to-date with what people are talking about.

Remember to use the hashtag #OpenMRS when you Tweet about your OpenMRS work, to help other people stay aware of the interesting things you’re working on or questions you might have. We’ll see you on Twitter!

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