Follow up design forums on clinical decision support?

I missed the last call and was hoping to find out if any followup meetings were scheduled. What’s the best way to find out?

All design forum materials available are published at:

At the bottom is a link to:

Thanks @michael, I did read the notes, but since there wasn’t any mention of a next meeting I thought I’d ask here.

This design call was mostly an information sharing discussion to help the Bahmni team create a strategy for building some CDS tools for their system. I think @vsingh and @shruthidipali left the call with some notions of where they might start and, if I recall, they were going to do some initial design and then bring back any questions to a future design call, but the timing of that is up to them.

Cool, thanks @burke. I’m interested in the topic, so I’ll keep an eye out for when it’s going to be discussed again.

Did anyone bring up using the infrastructure provided by chica? It is a production level clinical decision support system already running with OpenMRS.

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Not that I know of. Any links?

Do you want publications or source code? We don’t have all that much formal, technical documentation yet.

anything, code or documentation



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Thanks @tmdugan for sharing all this.

We did discuss this tangentially on the design call, in that we talked about Arden Syntax, and Burke, Jonathan, and I generally suggested that the Bahmni team didn’t want to go that route.

How tightly is the CHICA back-end bound to Arden, or is it possible to write rules in some other way?

CHICA just needs logic rules to operate. We translate the MLMs into logic rules.