Flowsheets in Bahmni

We are analyzing adding flowsheets to Bahmni for recording ART followup visits. It would be great to show in tabular format. This is something we currently do in OpenMRS for Malawi and Rwanda. It would be extremely helpful to match the paper forms from the Ministry of Health.

Is this available in Bahmni? Is this on the roadmap?

Hi Ellen,

In Bahmni, we do have a way to configure flowsheet of observations in table format which is explained in detail in Bahmni WIKI. Please try this and let us know if it helps for your usecase. We would love to know more details on this usecase and help you in configuring.

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@cioan @mseaton @ddesimone We will review that page and mockup our flowsheet.

Thanks @ball and @swathivarkala - we will definitely take a look.

Just so the Bahmni team knows, the card in Malawi (electronic version in Ellen’s note above) and the Liberia card (attached here) are very similar. They both a contain editable intake/baseline information at the top of the card and then a row per visit grid below that.

I imagine there are other Ministries of Health around the world that use the same approach.

Thanks, Dave

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