Fixing the DeleteFormTest in the reference application

you just let me know when you are here

@k.joseph I have tried checking. Is it the file thoughtworks ?

close; com.thoughtworks.selenium.webdriven.commands

@suubi7 can you try building uitestframework first using mvn clean install,then you build then build the reference application

@herbert24 I did this now am trying to find the fill Joseph said and delete it.

@k.joseph It looks like i dont have this file. It does not exist

wait a minute, we don’t have any such a library used through out our project, we rather use org.openqa.selenium. Can you confirm if you all is well with your repo

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@k.joseph I beg you to clarify on the last statement. I am not getting it

Throught the whole project both qa contrib and refApp distro we dont use that library com.thoughworks.selenium , we only use org.openqa.selenium, you may go ahead to comfirm it within your repository

@k.joseph @herbert24 the refApp has finally built successfully

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what was the devil?

@k.joseph I restarted my computer and i pulled latest changes again

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