FIXED: Bahmni appointment scheduling automated jobs don't work

Hi all

We are working on an implementation of Bahmni with appointment scheduling.

We would like to use the two scheduled tasks to automatically mark appointments as missed or completed at the end of the day. However, even though the tasks run, no appointments get updated.

We have a couple of appointments which are scheduled for yesterday and are either in the scheduled or the checked-in status, but neither of them is changed into, respectively, missed or completed.

No errors are shown in the logs either.

Can someone advise us on how to troubleshoot this? Or maybe we have a wrong configuration or we misunderstood the functionality?

Hi Ramses,

Can you check if the global properties “SchedulerMarksComplete” and “SchedulerMarksMissed” are set to True ? You can find the settings after logging into openMRS under Administration => Advanced settings

Also check if you have correct status changes mentioned under the “allowedActionsByStatus” config

Here is the Wiki link for the config and settings.

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Hi Sruti

Thanks a lot for your response, those global properties were indeed set to false and after setting them to true, it works fine!

Is this documented somewhere?

Thanks Ramses. Yes it is documented on Bahmni Wiki. The link is there in my reply above.