[FIX] Resolving Postgres Installation Errors

Hello Community, in the recent days we have seen some issues on Bahmni 0.93 installation. The errors mostly happen at the Postgres 9.6 installation step. This is happening becuase Postgres 9.6 has been removed from the official postgres download repo. So going forward we would be using the artifacts from our Bahmni Release repository.

If your are starting a fresh installation, please follow the steps as mentioned in the Install Bahmni on Centos Wiki Page.

If you have already started the installation and facing error as in the image below, run

rm -f /etc/yum.repos.d/pgdg-redhat-all.repo

and then run the installer again as usual.


cc. @angshuonline @gsluthra @binduak @rohit.yawalkar @deepthi @sivareddy @pervez007 @mradul.jain @umairfayaz @kavitha11 @swatigogia


Thank you so much @mohant and the team. We have abled to install bahmni v.93 in our local machine.