First time starting OpenMRS


I recently discovered OpenMRS and want to start using it. I downloaded the standalone version, unzipped the folder, and started the .jar file according to the guide but nothing is happening.

I am running Windows 11 Home, Java 8 installed. It is just not doing anything, I tried double-clicking the file and through the CMD with no luck.

Assistance is much appreciated, thank you in advance

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Can you share the log file? It is in the tomcat logs folder under your unzipped folder.

Thanks for your reply. I have 2 folders; conf & webapps

Where should I look? what type of file am I looking for? I still have needsconfig txt file, stating the standalone has not been run for the first time yet.

What is my next step?

@ibkhayyat Sorry about that. try this link OpenMRS 2.x Standalone Installation instructions - For Dummies version - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki