First report always blank

Hi Bahmni,

I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue - at our installation in Sierra Leone (went live with Bahmni this past Thursday), after a server recycle it seems the FIRST report run is always blank. If we just re-run the report with the same parameters, it works. Server recycles happen often here because of unreliable power.

We are using custom reports we developed SQL for.

Does anyone know what could cause this?

fyi @mseaton, @cioan

Thanks, Dave

Hi @ddesimone.

Great to hear Bahmni went live at Sierra Leone! Thanks and Congrats!

Can you please explain what does do you mean when you say: “server recycle”. Is that a reboot of the server? Which URL / Report does this happen with (is it with any report)? Does this have anything to do with tomcat / DNS entry resolution?

Yes, by Server Recycle I just mean a restart of Tomcat which we have set up to happen automatically whenever the server powers up.

We only have 2 reports currently (registration and visit), which we deployed as custom reports. I think it happens with either of them, whichever is the first to run after a restart.

@mseaton or @cioan may have more info about the DNS entry resolution.

Thanks, Dave

Hello @ddesimone,

This is the first time we are seeing this issue.

By blank report, do you mean blank white page or just header with no data ?

Can you please share log file so that we can help you fix this issue.

Just header with no data. I experienced it when generating the report in Excel. We’ll try to capture the log file next time it happens.

@ddesimone… How did you install Bahmni ? Are you using RPM / Ansible or Puppet based installation ?

We have installed 0.81 according to the instructions included in this page:

We automated the deployment process using Ansible but at the core we just ran:

bahmni -i inventory -I {{ implementation_name }} install

after downloading the bahmni installer 0.81-336

Our custom reports are defined here.

Which service do you automatically restart ? openmrs and bahmni-reports ?

Please share the logs when you find the issue next time. Mean while, we will investigate from our end.