Firefox creating multiple encounters

Hello all, I am having issues with Firefox browser. The entire workflow works fine on Chrome, but on firefox it creates multiple encounters. I will provide the screenshots for better understanding. In the chrome screenshots only one encounter is being created which is supposed to happen, but in Firefox four encounters of type visit note are being made and posted to database. I have uploaded console network as well as the Database screenshots. This is very weird and I cannot figure out whether it is a browser issue or code issue.

Did you eventually figure this out?

Does it also work fine in Safari or any other browser?

Hey thanks for reverting back. It works perfectly fine on Google chrome but there’s some issue with firefox. Data doesn’t gets posted when the first time I put some obs. After I refresh the page it does works however. I highly suspect there is some issue with browser compatibility or maybe some code incompatibility on firefox, which however isn’t logical and doesn’t makes sense. Firefox console shows that the first time I put in obs, encounter value is not being posted but that is not the case with chrome.