I have tried to get my openmrs 2.1.3 running smoothly in my center but it falls too short of what I intend to setup due to lack of biometric and barcode/NFC functionality. Pls is there any way I can get these functions in the application?? Any module pls? Tried registration app 1.3 module but it crashes the openmrs until its deleted. Registration 1.2 module installs but will not start due to ‘missing activation module’ or so pls need urgent assistance.

@nourudeen , could you try out the reference application installation (also runs with openmrs 2.1.3) which is the latest stable reference application release currently. Just in case your desired modules or the ones they depend on are bundled with it, you may need to follow this link

then try uploading those modules that would be missing for your desired use case.

I tried with the latest version of reference 2.8 and standalone 2.1.3. Its about the openmrs. What I have come to realise is openmrs is not a continuity project. Modules that were designed for an earlier version refused to work with newer version of the app…meaning for every release, developers have to design new application modules for it. This is disappointing really. I can’t get a lot of other modules to work because of this… IDcard, registration, simplelabentry,customisation module etc. Really disappointed.

That’s not true though, there are couple of key modules that can run across a wide range of OpenMRS Core releases:

  • Reporting
  • Attachments
  • HTML Form Entry

Some evolutions in the Core require dependent modules to evolve to support those changes. As a general matter of fact any moving dependency software will create that sort of tech attention.

It would be useful to know which modules. Did you upgrade those though, where upgrades were available?

Tried a couple of them

  1. Registration modules, facelist 1.0, mediaviewer 1.0, messaging 0.9, idcards 1.3.1, customisation etc…all with the ref app 2.8 and standalone 2.1.3. You may try and see.

When building modules you cab build them with compatibility. Like ugandaemrfingerprint. module which was built to have ability to work with versions lower than 2.0.0 and those above. Thou it is very common for methods to get deprecated. You have to keep on the watch while upgrading for what has been deprecated.

Now what can I do as I need this functions badly…fingerprint and barcode?

What the Ugandaemrfingerprint module offers is only fingerprint at the moment.

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Yes at least I am half done. I can search for barcode. How can I get the ugandaemrfingerprint to work on opmrs2.1.3? Will it work?

I can’t get access to digitalpersona site for the SDK. Also don’t know how to install the web socket app. Sorry am new. Pls assist. Thanks.

Installing the omod crashed the application with HTTP status 500 error. Maybe not compatible with openmrs2.1.3