Final GSoC Report for the Android Client Project

Hello everyone! As GSoC is ending, I decided to post a summary of all the work that I did over the summers. I really enjoyed working on this project, and due to my mentor @raff 's guidance, I learnt quite a bit about good practices in programming and how, when designed properly, an internet application like OpenMRS can be equally powerful even when offline. I look forward to contributing and improving the project even beyond GSoC.


  • Add a patient registration form.
  • Provide support for custom forms defined on a server.
  • Implement an offline mode, which allows to view patient’s historic data and enter new forms.
  • Release a new version of the client.

The work was neatly divided into issues on OpenMRS JIRA and subsequent pull requests on Github, and they are listed here, along with Weekly blog posts:

I am currently making a Video tour for the app, and I shall post it here shortly.


Nice work! I just wish more your communicatication was public as it was supposed to be.

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Thanks @avijitghosh82 and congrats on what you achieved! Looking forward to the new release and your further contributions!


My sincerest apologies. I usually communicated via comments on the pull requests and issue pages as it was more convenient to track things along with the code. I’ll keep this in mind while making large changes in the future. :slight_smile:

No need – it’s fine =)

I’m glad you were successful.

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