Filter patients by estimated age or time of admission.

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In the reference application, while finding patient records, I feel it would be a good idea to add the option to filter patients by time of admission. This would be helpful for tracking unidentified patients. In addition to this, I believe while registering a patient, the option for entering estimated age should be available. A filter based on estimated age could also be useful for the same purpose. @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @sharif


Sounds like a good idea.

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Thanks for the good idea, Though time of admission is determined by StartDate And time, both these feature are included in the reference application,Means that after registering a patient, you must include the startdate and time which basically mean the same as admission. checkout

i hope it make sense

Again the option of estimated age is available in RA, Checkout here

Hope it makes sense again , would also like to here from @dkayiwa or @suthagar23

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Sir what I meant was, adding a feature to search for patient records by the time of their admission/registration. Also, in the demo, I believe there is no way to enter estimated age while registering a patient; we can only enter it if we come back to edit the patient information. @sharif

It would not make any difference to add search a feature since its already exists,Entering estimated as i said before is determined by startDate and time, these are done automatically by the system, so the system records each time of the entry of any data, can you try your self and see practically, thanks

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