Figuring out a typical Bahmni workflow - registration of patient onwards

I am working off my vagrant Oracle Virtual Box install, trying to understand Bahmni as a non-medical person (to make it easy for the end-users!)

  1. So I register a patient, I am kind of forced to enter a visit. Confirms closing of a visit and then I move onto a (dashboard?) screen with so many empty items (Radiology, Diagnosis, Disposition) etc. I would much rather have them when I need them or have used them, so can they be hidden? If not, based on your experience has it confused the clinic user?
  2. I cannot search my new patient except by id (the new patient is not part of either program, active or my patient icons). There are no programs defined yet there are patients in the programs icon. Clicking on any icon leads to pushing them into a prescribed program which has not been created. I would expect my new patient to show up here?
  3. My patients has a list of icons clicking on one of them leads me to a dashboard that has consultation button, that is so needed for me to use my custom observation forms. So how does the new patient become active or get added to My patients list?

The institution that we are planning to deploy Bahmni for, has been around several years, has very custom screens, all very likely configured as Observations, it appears. Where I could use help… a) The list of items I can customize to help them work as close to what they are used to. What can I hide in terms of already-defined forms (I have seen a few references to visit.json etc but need to experiment with changing those, I guess). For instance fee information needs to be hidden where it is currently… b) Maybe just the basic steps for a clean database, with the minimal ‘seed data’, one superuser account, so I can upload my observation forms and get going. Can volunteer to help with this, with the right mentor support,

Thanks, Ashok

This is not mandatory… You can look at this configuration

All those sections are configurable. You can choose to create a custom (dashboard) with required sections.

You can always search a patient by id and name. Please use “All” tab to search the patients.

All these tabs are configurable. Based on the defined criteria, patients show up in respective tabs.

Which database are you using ? Probably, you might have default demo database that was installed. So, this is showing up. Ideally you should start with fresh database. So you will not have any of these demo data.

Most of the items are customizable. Please look at

Thanks @sravanthi17 for the detailed and prompt reply, happy to see such commitment.

You confirmed some of my understanding so this helped a lot. One issue I faced was until I started a visit for a new patient, I could not see the consultation button and hence could not get to the observations forms - I could just get to the patient. Once I started a visit, the patient became ‘active’.

I will re-review the clean database page - will try to clean up my Oracle Virtual Box mysql db to have just the needed entries and no patients and no unused concepts etc.


That is the default behaviour, but to have consultation button shown irrespective of visit you can turn on allowConsultationWhenNoOpenVisit't+have+an+open+visit

Thanks, some of these choices are awesome, my increased familiarity with Bahmni is also helping. Once we have all our forms converted to observations and we have a beta site up, I am hoping to put together the steps we took. Best, Ashok

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