FHIR2 Release 1.8.0

Hi everyone!

We’re pleased today to announce the release of the FHIR2 module 1.8.0. I hadn’t realised that someone had release 1.7.0 and I forgot to do a quick write-up for 1.6.0, so lot’s of updates.

Release 1.8.0

The main driving feature for the 1.8.0 release was the memory consumption issue reported by the Bahmni team in this thread. Version 1.8.0 will use substantially less memory to store paged query results.

We have also had several updates from @mogoodrich:

  • Search results should now be consistently ordered for a given set of criteria
  • We now handle voiding and retiring correctly
  • We have better handling for MedicationRequest statuses

Thanks to @mozzy, FHIR Tasks now support the location field.

Release 1.7.0

This had several medication related features thanks to @mogoodrich and @mseaton:

  • We no longer return DISCONTINUE orders from the MedicationRequest endpoint. There’s some on-going discussion about how we should handle these in the FHIR2 module.
  • Support for the order frequency concept from the REST module for MedicationRequests
  • The ability to recursively load MedicationDispenses from encounters, allow us to query the Encounters endpoint and retrieve both MedicationRequests and any associated MedicationDispenses

Release 1.6.0

Thanks to @mseaton, @mogoodrich, and @pmanko2 we added the following:

  • Using a proper transactional service to persist FhirConceptSources, which are used to map concept sources to FHIR URIs
  • Proper transactional service for the FhirPatientIdentifier domain.

Both of those were to support loading metadata for the FHIR2 module via Iniz

  • Support for including MedicationDispense’s from MedicationRequests, i.e., to load an order an it’s associated dispense event, if any
  • More future-proof parameter handling for resource provider search methods.

It’s highly recommended that anyone using the FHIR2 module update as soon as is practical.