FHIR2 module not showing in administration


I have installed OpenMRS v2.5.0 and reference application 2.12.0-SNAPSHOT locally, but am not able to see fhir2 module on administration page. Any idea where should I tweak to see this on administration page.


How did you set up the server? As in did you use SDK or docker-compose

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Hi @abertnamanya , copied OpenMRS war file to tomcat/webapps folder , and after installation , copied ref-app-modules/*.omod to openmrs/modules/.

But do you have fhir2 module included??

Hi @abertnamanya yes. I will re-add the screenshot here where at the bottom you can see FHIR2.

I see, If it’s existing in the modules management section. I think that’s where its supposed to be displayed. Test out the FHIR endpoints if they are going through then you’re good to go

If you could look at demo server Login its the same thing and FHIR2 endpoints are reachable

FHIR2 endpoints are working fine, however, I am not able to see the SWAGGER documentation for it , and hence am not able to test them all. Any idea how to generate the SWAGGER documentation for it, and view it locally.

Now I get you, The implementation which was supported by swagger was with the web services rest module previously but later Openmrs came up with documentation OpenMRS Docs for the rest-endpoints which can be tested via postman then as for FHIR2 we have FHIR implementation guide which carries all the profiles supported by FHIR2 module https://fhir.openmrs.org, Forexample like patient profile payload OPENMRS\Openmrs Patient - JSON Representation - FHIR v4.0.1 all has to be tested in postman

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Thanks a lot @abertnamanya for clarifying this.

Thanks again.