fhir2-module : java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:

Hi @ibacher this happens to be the Stacktrace



This looks like spring is not able to locate these classes from the classpath, the methods being called are not available during the runtime.

It could also be caused by the JAR file having a different version at runtime than it had at compile time, a NoSuchMethodException occurs during reflection when we try to access a method that does not exist.

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True , thanks @gcliff so how did you fix it on your side. I have so far done cleaning for my Intellij cache , rebuilding and re-loading of the project.

Deleted and done fresh clones .

Any thoughts ?

Not entirely yet sure why the classes and the respective bean configs are not being loaded on the classpath at runtime, hope their was no tampering with the spring versions ,(may be @ibacher could weigh in on this )

But in the mean time after doing the fresh clone could you try to ;

git reset --hard upstream/master

git clean -df

git fetch --all

git pull --rebase upstrem master

And then build again mvn clean install

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Ha ha .Iv’e done a couple of Invalidations of my IDE cache(Invalidate and restart).So am trying to drop the .m2 and see of that helps as well.

But thanks though .Am gon try that after cleansing my .m2

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Hi @tendomart,

In your branch, there are these changes to the api/pom.xml, which is causing it to have two versions of Spring on the classpath. I don’t think we need to include those in that POM at all, which at least allows the tests to run. I’ve put some other suggestions on your PR.

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Thanks @ibacher Was wondering were the ambiguity is rooting from.

It worked ! let me handle other issues now.

@gcliff it was actually extra Spring dependencies added to api/pom.xml , and using the wrong annotations that messed up the whole project.

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