fhir2 build failures

Hello all;

There are some build failures occurring even before making changes in the code

@ibacher @corneliouzbett

This also happened to me, but later alone after updating my master branch i was successfull, is your master updated to the latest changes

yes its up to date and even with the openmrs master

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@gcliff Thanks for reporting this. Can you open a ticket for this?

I tried something similar but didn’t got this error

error log https://pastebin.com/MnBubei5

The trick here is the difference between being on Windows and being on Unix. Generally speaking, Git is configured to use native line endings, so in the repo, all files are stored with Unix line endings ("\n"), but on Windows, the local copy would have a Windows new line ending ("\r\n"). Inside the test in question, we try to split things into lines using only the Unix line ending ("\n"), so everything works as expected on Unix machines. However, on Windows, you’re left with that pesky carriage return ("\r") that can be seen at the very end of the text of the “Expected” message in the error @gcliff reported.

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thanks @ibacher for the detailed explanation …


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