FHIR Web testing console now available

Hi everyone,

As our work on the FHIR module progressed, we felt the need to develop a robust web based testing console that the community could use to play around with our FHIR services.

@harsha89 successfully integrated the HAPI FHIR web testing console developed by James Agnew into the OpenMRS FHIR demo server. (Yayy!!!) The new web console is very fancy, and allows you to view a lot of information on our server such as conformance statement etc. etc.

It displays a list of FHIR resources that we currently support, as well as the search methods that we developed in order to test them. You can use these to make requests on the FHIR demo server. Please note that this web console is not part of the FHIR module, and is a separate entity. We’re currently trying to come up with ways to provide such a UI through the module itself, but that wont happen for quite some time :smile:


Wow this is great!! Just yesterday I was looking at this implementation http://fhirtest.uhn.ca/ and wondering we could use one :slight_smile: .

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Nice UI, difficult to choose between this one and Swagger UI.

Thank you :smile:

@lluismf, we actually wanted to use swagger, but couldn’t do so because of configuration problems with using it inside a module (please refer to the long email discussions on the dev forum) This solution is pretty, but its an external app that’s not part of the module itself. We are going to build something more basic that will be packaged within the module itself.

But for now, this is a nice way for people to understand what we’ve done, and how to use it :smile:

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@suranga @harsha89 , A much needed tool. This will help a lot, both application developers and module developers. :thumbsup:

Hi All,

I just upgrade console to newest hapi released version which is 1.0 :).

Thanks, Harsha

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