FHIR Swagger Codegen Integration and Strategic Improvements - Midterm Presentation

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(Eunice Amoh) #1

Here is my midterm presentation with a quick demo. Please let me know any suggestions. I’m working on enhancing the quality of the audio.

(Eunice Amoh) #2

Thank you @harsha89 and @mavrk.

(Burke Mamlin) #3

Very interesting project, @eunice18. Nice work. :slight_smile:

Is there a way in which human-generated comments can be carried through to the SDK? For example, if we wanted to add a paragraphs or two of documentation about how OpenMRS uses FHIR’s Encounter resources, could that documentation be carried through to the SDK so it would be available to a developer in their IDE?

(Sanatt Abrol) #4

Awesome work @eunice18 :smiley:

(Eunice Amoh) #5

Thank you @burke @mavrk. According to my research. we can include comments at the time when swagger definition is generated. Then swagger SDK generator will add them to the SDK and available for developer.

(Harsha Kumara) #6

Good work @eunice18!