FHIR module to support paging

Currently, the FHIR module doesn’t support paging.

FHIR RESTful servers may optionally support paging responses, meaning that if a search returns 500 resources, the server can return a bundle containing only the first 20 and a link which will return the next 20, etc.

By default, FHIR RESTful servers will not page, but will rather return all resources immediately in a single bundle. There are two ways to support paging: Paging providers and Bundle providers.

From documentation Paging Responses, it seems to be straight forward :slight_smile:. I am creating this topic to discuss the best way of implementing paging support in FHIR module.

Did you get a chance to explore how we do this in the rest webservices module? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/REST+Web+Services+API+For+Clients#RESTWebServicesAPIForClients-Limitingthenumberofresultsandpaging