FHIR module release plans

Hi all, @harsha89 @burke ,

This is to consolidate our plans to release the FHIR module against OpenMRS 198 before upgrading to working against the OpenMRS trunk.

The FHIR DSTU2 version completed balloting earlier this month. There were over 1500 comments made on DSTU2 during the ballot.

However, HAPI recently released 1.0 of their FHIR API. This is based on the DSTU2 version that went into balloting.

At this point, we are uncertain as to how many of these 1500 comments will be approved, or how long it will take them to be incorporate them into a new release of HAPI FHIR.

Given this, i’d suggest that we go ahead and upgrade our module to use HAPI FHIR 1.0 API, and release this against Platform 1.9.8.

That way, we can move forward with our plans to integrate ourself into the OpenMRS platform, and come up to date with the latest release of the HAPI FHIR API. It will also ensure that come May 27, the GSoC students will be working against the OpenMRS trunk and DSTU2.

Does this sound like sensible logic? :wink:

+1 for the approach. I’ll start the upgrading. :slight_smile: Latest release will contains many improvements in FHIR resources as well. Hopefully we can Incorporated them along with our data model. :slight_smile:

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