FHIR integration to Platform 1.8.2

Application Name & Version: Platform 1.8.2 , HAPI FHIR v2

Question: My Servlet created can’t access the database using the Context Class provided by the Platform its giving me a null pointer. How can I fix it ? is there a documentation how to implement HAPI to Platform 1.8.2 ?

Platform 1.8.x is no longer supported. Are you able to upgrade?

Hi Michael unfortunately,we weren’t able to upgrade to 1.11 yet because of the tight timeline (two weeks from now). We are hoping to integrate FHIR in our existing stable CHITS OMRS version (still running on 1.8.2).

@hefarted you will need to provide a bit more details regarding your class and error log.

Yeah we have added FHIR support from 1.9.x AFAIR. May be with some tweaks we can get it to work.