Fhir Implementation Guide

Hello everyone, Am please to inform the community about the progress on developing Fhir Implementation Guide where I and my colleague @sharif were selected for this Fellowship program which started from the month of June this year. We would love to thank our mentors @pmanko, @mozzy plus the Fhir Squad who have guided us through.

Over the past months We have accomplished quiet a millstone, where by most of the wiki Fhir documentation has been transferred to the implementation Guide including Fhir Profiles, resource examples, Mapping between HL7 Fhir and OMRS Fhir2 narrations, Fhir resources search parameters restful documentation.

We would like to invite all teams implementing Fhir to start using OMRS implementation Guide since all the documentation about Fhir will now be hosted on the IG rather than our wiki pages.

Here is the link to first version of the OMRS implementation Guide OPENMRS\Artifacts Summary - FHIR v4.0.1 We always have Fhir squad meetings where we make presentations on the progress You could join us every Tuesday Launch Meeting - Zoom

CC: @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @jennifer @grace @christine


Good job pal

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Great work on the documentation.

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Great work @abertnamanya and @sharif