Fetching values into the Html Form Entry Pages

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I am a module developer and I am currently working on the HTML Form Entry module. Just making a couple of pages to support the requirements that I have. I am stuck at a point and seeking help.


While Entering the Encounter Location for the form I am unable to display a dynamic list of tags . i.e. If the logged in user is logged in to the “Location A” then he/she should only see the list of locations mapped by the location tag “Location A”.

Here is a snippet of my code


	<encounterLocation tags="1,2,3" />  

P.S - I do not want to use hard-coded values “1,2,3” in the xml, rather I would like to have control in the Java code to fetch a dynamic list based upon a few parameters.

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@mogoodrich do you have any thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

What version of Html Form Entry are you using?

Also, I am a bit confused… are you saying that the static sample code you list above isn’t working, or rather that it is, but you want to build some more complex and dynamic?

Take care, Mark