Feedback Wanted for OpenMRS Annual Report

Hey all,

I’ve attached the FINAL draft of the annual report and I’d really like to get some help proofreading, testing, and applying the final touches on this document so we can publish it to the web!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to assign page groupings to some people that have expressed interest in helping shape this into what it is today. Everyone else, your assistance on this would be phenomenal and would help to ensure that what we publish is absolutely perfect.

Thanks again everyone for all your hard work and feedback on this. I’ve really appreciated the help and guidance you’ve leant throughout this process!

OpenMRS Annual Report - FINAL.pdf (2.9 MB)

Thank you @jeffneiman ! We are very proud to be listed on the partner highlights page, that’s awesome!

Just a remark: Laos is missing on the list of countries on page 5 (‘OpenMRS Implementations’).

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There is basically a duplicate paragraph on the Community Voices page underneath the subheading. This will be removed and the paragraph text will begin with: “First, community members expressed belief…”

We’re proud to be able to work together!

Awesome catch with Laos. Thank you!!!


Thanks for the report, however under the section which talks about the #OMRS16 I didnt see MoH Uganda OR METS being mentioned.

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@jeffneiman, on the 4th page (Mission & Strategy), there’s a typo:

Also, can you make sure the links are working links (16photos & distributions)? At least for me, when I opened the report in Chrome, these two links appeared to be plain text instead of embedded links.

Looks good!

My hope for 2017 is that we start moving closer to where the care is happening (i.e., OMRS17 as a highlight, but more of a focus on patient care… e.g., photos of OpenMRS being used in clinical settings).

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Thanks, Jona! I’m not sure how I missed that… Maybe we got distracted by the metrics.

I’ve change the heading to read

“OMRS16, organized and supported by the Uganda Ministry of Health and Makere University Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support and hosted at Speke Resort in Kampala, Uganda, marked the 11th annual global summit and was the largest meeting ever recorded with over 400 delegates from 26 different countries.”

We definitely want people to know all the hard work that was involved in putting on this event!

Thanks Burke!

‘V’ is the shortcut for the ‘Move’ tool… Sneaky, sneaky.

Can you download the report from Google Drive and try the links? With PDFs, hyperlinks are subjected to the reader program used. The PDF version works for me, but the online version does not…

… but with an extra ‘er’ in Makerere!

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