Feedback - How do you collect user needs of end users?

Increasingly I have been working on a better way to collect functional needs from users (who are not developers or implementers) and am looking to find out if there is a better way to collect their user needs . I think the best is paper but its difficult when users are scattered across continents.

Thus i am looking for feedback on the following questions

  1. What tools do you use for collecting user needs ?
  2. What are the actual tasks you need to do to collect functional needs from users ?
  3. What re the challenges / barriers for using these tools ?
  4. What can be better?

You can see my early thoughts here (Feel free to edit this )

Happy holidays

Hi Judy, could you cross check the gitlab link? It returns a 404

fixed the link

Hello @judy, I’ll suggest creating an online form using Google Forms. It’s a fast and easy way to get user feedback and it is better organised than paper :slight_smile: Google Forms is pretty straight forward to use but it has a drawback when it comes down to sensitive data.

I hope this was helpful :sunny: