Feedback from mentors for GSOC 2024 proposal

I’ve been attached to our OpenMRS community for the past 2-3 months. OpenMRS Community helped me quite a lot, when I got stuck at some point, and discussed the troubleshooting with Daily Coffee chats. Thanks to @dkigen and @hadijah315 for guiding me.

Finally, I’ve submitted my GSOC proposal for the project Validation Rule builder for the form-builder. Expecting feedback from my potential mentors and also welcoming my fellow developers to review my proposal, can give feedback. It may strengthen my proposal. Hereby, I have attached the proposal and sample demo app for the project.


Demo-video: Rule Builder - 24 March 2024 | Loom

cc: @grace @dkigen @hadijah315 @vasharma05 @jayasanka @piumal1999


Hi @senthilathiban,

Thanks for the update! Just a quick note: could you please keep the proposal private and share it only with your mentors?

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Yeah. that makes sense.

@jayasanka Google used to have a web application where proposals are submitted for mentors to review and give feedback. Did they change the process?

Yes, they used to have that feature, but I couldn’t locate it on the dashboard. @senthilathiban could you please confirm that the feature is visible within the GSoC student dashboard?

Yeah, I’ve submitted the proposal in the GSOC student dashboard.

Hi @jayasanka , Hope you are having a great day? Please I know you have a lot on your plate sir but please kindly check your d.m on slack I sent you a draft of my proposal since Saturday, your review will be highly appreciated so as for me to make any necessary changes.

sure. I’ll send it to @piumal1999 as well.

No, I think this is to submit the proposal, not the draft. It seems the draft submission feature is no longer there.

I couldn’t find any draft submission feature in GSOC student dashboard.

Hello @jayasanka , There is no option to upload a draft proposal on the GSOC website. But, I have included the links to the DOCS in the proposal that I have uploaded on the GSOC website. Will you please guide me on how to get my proposal reviewed by the mentors?