Feature request to make 'Duration' as an optional field

Hello OpenMRS Community!! We have a feature request to make duration as an optional field on the selection of certain frequencies. As part of a client engagement, we are analyzing a requirement to create prescription for Bolus medication, where a single dose of the drug needs to be administered over a short period of time. While creating the prescription for Bolus medication, we shall use the ‘Frequency’ dropdown to indicate “Bolus” as frequency, and the ‘Instructions’ dropdown to indicate the short period of time for which the medication will be administered, like, as example, “Injected over 30 mins”. For this scenario, the ‘Duration’ and ‘Total Quantity’ fields in the ‘Medications’ page, will not be required to capture. Please let us know if there are any comments on making the ‘Duration’ and ‘Total Quantity’ fields optional in these type of scenarios. @angshuonline @gsluthra @akhilmalhotra @abhinab


I think the UI needs to change … also we may need to change the dosage Instruction JSON that we keep. Check FHIR MedicationRequest Dosage. “Injected over 30 mins” can just be a text (unless you can model as dosage.rate).

Why not attend the next PAT call and discuss?

STAT vs Emergency vs PRN vs Bolus medication.pdf (66.3 KB) @angshuonline, @gsluthra @akhilmalhotra @abhinab, I have documented the details based on our recent discussions.