[Feature Request] Canned report for Radiology orders and fulfillment

Hi, The site i am working at, recently moved to Digital X-rays, with orders being placed from Bahmni and fulfillment through DCM4CHEE PACS. So far the site was using the “Radiology Upload” module and the Obs count by concept class report to get the Radiology counts as mentioned on the wiki https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Reports#Reports-9.ObsCountByConceptClassReport

However with the new way of working it seems that this report won’t give the required counts. Can a new report be created as part of Bahmni to support this? ( Not sure if its feasible to have a report generic enough to support any type of orders and fullfilment)

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Hi, For now i have setup a custom SQL report to show up count of different radiology orders placed.

select concept_name.name, count(*) from orders, concept_name, order_type where
  order_type.name = 'Radiology Order'
  and orders.order_type_id = order_type.order_type_id
  and date(orders.date_created) between '#startDate#' and '#endDate#'
  and concept_name.concept_id = orders.concept_id
  and concept_name_type = 'FULLY_SPECIFIED'
GROUP BY concept_name.name;

Created a story here - https://bahmni.mingle.thoughtworks.com/projects/bahmni_emr/cards/1194

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@arjun where shall we insert this?