[Favour] Do you live anywhere in Africa and coming to the conference?

I know it’s a very weird request, but here it goes.

I have a friend who collects fridge magnets from all over the world (you know, those with the name of the city or town). Every city is fair game, but it needs to be collected ‘locally’. She collates them per continent, but Africa is by far the one with less magnets. I want to help fixing that.

If you are coming to the conference and could help me with a fridge magnet from your city, that would absolutely lovely!

I’m a tattooed lady with short, asymmetric red hair, I doubt you’ll miss me :smiley:

Surely i knew it had to be you, the very first time i saw some one with that description! :smile:

Sorry i did not get one. But did you get any from others?