Faster registration and billing process for small clinic

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Based on my initial research on Bahmni, I have a few observations and questions:

  1. The receptionist needs to manage two applications to clear one patient - one for patient registration via Bahmni UI and second of OpenERP for generation of receipts and invoices.

  2. Number of steps required to finish one patient is too high…like first registration, then save the patient, then print registration card, then start opd visit, then add the registration fees (which does not sync with ERP), then go to ERP webpage, wait for the patient to sync, then open the patient and add consultation fees, then validate the fees and cash received and then finally print the invoice.

Is there any thing we can do to shorten the process?

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I think that all places where Bahmni has been deployed until now, the receptionist and billing person have been on different counters, and hence one person never required to log into two apps, and sync in 1 min or more wasn’t again an issue. In your case, one can reduce the sync interval to 10 seconds or less, and see if that is OK. But, I think a better solution may be needed. I am not sure right now. Maybe someone in OpenMRS talk discussion can answer this better.

Both systems support shortcuts. In fact OpenERP supports so many shortcuts, that the billing people usually print bills in seconds. Is that something you are willing to explore? Details: OpenERP Shortcuts.

Bahmni form flow and fields are configurable. You can choose to ask fewer questions during registration, and change the second screen too… so that using shortcuts people move super fast. Bahmni’s out-of-the box screens are samples. You don’t need to use them as-is. Please read this document for more details:

I hope this helps.


I think its better to have billing and registration at same counter as it reduces the employee count and also the time required for a patient to consult a doctor. In my opinion there should be an option in the registration form itself for payment and its head. Like at our centre the reception receives payment for dressings, xrays, physiotherapy, consultation fees for different doctors, advance payments and final payment of admitted patients and patients who are treated on day care basis.

Hi @gsluthra as mentioned as a solution in this post, it is possible to reduce the sync interval to openERP.

" In your case, one can reduce the sync interval to 10 seconds or less, and see if that is OK."

How? (example: which file to modify & service to restart?)

Billion thanks @deepakrv