Fast Data Entry

Hello everyone, I am trying to fill out a a form on fast data entry and I keep getting this error for a signle patient entry

An error occurred while processing your form submission. Kindly notify the system administrator and reference the following error : [Not-null property references a transient value - transient instance must be saved before current operation : org.openmrs.Visit.visitType → org.openmrs.VisitType]

When I try to fill out the same form for the same patient but now in a group it fails at the Create New Session stage with the following error.

Error rendering form TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘question’) at t.setDefaultValues ()

Any suggestions.

cc @ibacher @dennis @dkayiwa @wikumc

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Good question @piuskariuki19 and thank you for a nice clear error description.

If I understand correctly, I believe the Fast Data Entry app needs a number of bug fixes - at least, the latest version as it currently exists in the O3 RefApp. The Fast Data Entry app is being actively used in many production sites by one large implementer, but that is an older version. I believe the latest version has regressed a bit.

Which version of esm-fast-data-entry-app are you using? The one in the RefApp is 1.0.1-pre.180.

Here’s the current state in the O3 Demo/RefApp - any time I try to use the Fast Data Entry app I always get the message “An error has occurred. Please try reloading the page.”

It would be great to get this fixed. Hence my interest in watching this thread.

Thank you for your reply @grace . I am using the pre.180 version and running it as an esm against an OpenMRS instance.

I have been meaning to contribute to the Fast Data Entry App. To facilitate this I would require access to the Jira board but I keep getting this error every time I try logging in.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.