Fall Update Meeting schedule - can you join us?

We’ve settled on a date (Wed Nov 16 afternoon, and Thurs Nov 17 morning), a location (Chicago, immediately following the AMIA meeting), and a venue (thanks to ThoughtWorks).

Some things we think are true:

  1. we don’t have funds for travel or other support
  2. the whole meeting will be available for remote access via Uberconference (or something)
  3. the draft agenda is here: https://goo.gl/thwgwC

Let us know if you think you WILL attend, if you MIGHT attend (use if need be"), or if you WON’T attend. Thanks.

Doodle poll to record your likely “in person” attendance is here (just for planning purposes). http://doodle.com/poll/c7e8zzz39vk4k234

We’ll ask again in October to get a count of remote attendees, but for now we want to make sure we have the in-person venue sized correctly.

Note to prospective attendees: book hotels quickly for the extra night. The rate for the hotel where I’m staying for the AMIA conference jumps quite a bit for Wednesday night – I played with a few sites and discount options to wrestle it back down to something reasonable.

Thanks for the heads up. What did you find?

I stayed in the Essex hotel, next to the Hilton last time. I recall it was fine. They had rooms for all nights, a bit below the conference rate, which OK with me.

Sorry - that wasn’t clear - I mean to say that the Essex has rooms for all 5 nights (Sat -> Thurs) and I booked a room within the last hour. Avg. rate was a smidge over $200/night, w/ tax. Hilton had (when I looked) only $357/night rooms, w/o tax. Of course, the Hilton’s a much nicer hotel. Essex rooms don’t have heat, or windows, to allow the bedbugs to escape easily. But, it was OK for me in the past… And, it’s right across the street.

The Hilton has gone up since I first looked – it looks like around $400. The Essex looks like a decent bet.


I liked the Essex four years ago. Just kidding about the bedbugs.


I have an extra room booked at the Essex, if anyone needs one. Reply out of band, I supposed…!

Update on the Update Meeting… Discussed on Sep 15 Leadership Team call

Who: Open to anyone with time and interest to step into more a leadership role in the community - read on…

When - following AMIA (Nov 16 afternoon, Nov 17 morning, in Chicago), at donated space provided in the Thoughtworks offices. Address to be posted later on, but you can google it if you want…

Our “update meeting” isn’t meant to replace Leadership Camp. We anticipate having a leadership camp this winter. More on that to come.

The update meeting is an interim update/discussion/strategic planning session for OpenMRS, and a convenient chance for those already traveling to AMIA to get together in person. It’s also a chance for anyone in the community who is interested in taking on a leadership role to learn more about where we are, where we’re going, and what needs doing? You can attend in person, by phone, or through some as yet undetermined video technology (hangouts?). Important to RSVP ( see doodle poll) so we can make sure space and technology planning is approporiate.

Next steps - on today’s Leadership call, we asked people to look at the agenda and sign up (via a comment) for topics that they are willing to moderate/oversee during the update meeting.