Failure to upload form changes

I have made some changes to a form and published it. Before I saved my new changes, I was even able to preview my form on the Manage HTML forms page, but now I cannot and yet other forms can still be previewed.

When I try using the form, it reports errors from an earlier version that I have fixed. I have no idea what is happening. I have even restarted my server but with no success. Don’t know if this is an issue anyone has encountered before.

These are the errors that I am running into…

…and when i try using it, this is what I get(yet I fixed the errors when I published the form)

Do you have any concept with this mapping? PIH:OD

sorry for the delayed response @dkayiwa

Yes, I have that concept.
I figured to make my changes to the form visible, I had to restart my server and copy the new form changes to the xml file with the form content, all before logging in. If you copied the new content to the file after logging in, the changes are not visible.
This is working for me at the moment.