failure to build a project when i run mvn clean install

hello OPENMRS community i have been trying to run mvn clean install after saving changes on my project but i am encountering this error: i kindly seek for your assistance. thanks

@janie Oh sorry! Usually, this error occurs if there is a problem in the XML file . To debug run mvn clean install -DskipTests -X then deleted the contents in the file. However, I don’t know if you got a chance to read the commend I left on your PR as per this ticket is concerned?

@jwnasambu thanks dia let me try out that…and about the comment you left on my PR , yes i read it and its what i am trying to work on. again thanks.

@jwnasambu kindly when i run mvn clean install -DskipTests -X this is the out put;

@janie kindly to make the post short let us use pastebin to share the error logs. Jane, this ticket doesn’t need any changes to be made on any given file. Instead, you are to create more ticket from TODO items.

@jwnasambu thanks let me try working on that.