failing to login after installation(Resolved)

Hello everyone. I have installed OpenMRS but I am trying to log in and all the passwords are not working. what can I do to be able to login. I set “root” to be the password but isn’t working I’ve also tried admin, Admin123 and its also not working

@mozzy @sharif @dkayiwa

Change your url to localhost:8080/openmrs/login.htm, and use admin and Admin123

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it automatically redirects to the current link and when i user another browser ,i get

HTTP Status 404 – Not Found

Share the screenshot, Secondly which openmrs did you install

Its been resolved Thank you @sharif

I’ve been able to log in but this is the default link and it doesnt change . http://localhost:8080/openmrs/owa/addonmanager/index.html#/

when i click on any of the modules , this pops up Sorry, there is no open web app for Open Web Apps Module

can you try to explain how you were unblocked such that people can also learn from your xperience

i was making a mistake in the custom password i created . i had used root for the database. it was my fault .