Failing To Create a Server with OpenMRS SDK

Following procedures here. I have tried to create a server. But the built has failed due to this error. Your help is needed here because am currently blocked

Hey @kdaud, use different server Id other than ‘‘webservices-dev’’.

@rushikesh here is the commnad have run mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=webservices-dev -Dplatform= 2.0 . 0

mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=demo -Dplatform=2.0.0 run this

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Thanks @rushikesh for helping me out. Here is the :point_right:success!

Where does the directory named weservices-dev stored on the drive when this mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=webservices-dev -Dplatform= 2.0 . 0 command is run? @rushikesh

In Users/users/openmrs directory, you will see webservices-dev and demo folder

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Thanks @rushikesh.

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hoping you can now start up openmrs after that process