Failing to create a post on Talk after logging in!

On behalf of @jonathan, he can log into OpenMRS Talk successfully but he can’t create a post or respond to any Talk post even when he has the required permission. As reflected on the snapshot below the reply icon is inactive. Kindly how can this issue be sorted out?

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He was silenced by the system because he typed too fast before reading a few topics to raise his trust level. I have just un silenced him to be able to create posts.


Thanks so so much! Am so grateful for your help I can now close this case having known the issue is sorted out.

:grinning: thats intresting.
Thanks @dkayiwa

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Thanks @dkayiwa now it has been resolved.

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This is fascinating!! And have been silenced !!

:joy: :sweat_smile: Thanks for helping Jonathan

New discovery :sweat_smile:

@dkayiwa Am sorry for a bother! Could this user noblyon22 be silenced by the system too? (I wish I could solve the issue myself but I don’t know how to go about it neither do I have permission to do so). Thanks for your help in advance.

@jwnasambu no. He or she is not silenced.

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Thanks @dkayiwa for the for the feedback.

Seeing things behind the seen :star_struck:

Its fine! I will do a follow-up and see what could be the problem. Once again, thank you.

learnt something new at this forum

@jwnasambu was the user helped…coz it really fascinates :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Yes! I did a follow up with the user and the issue was poor network connection which was preventing him from saving the post but later he managed to do it. Thanks for asking it really helps me to be accountable.

Thanks @jwnasambu for the follow up

@dkayiwa kindly this account @walton is on hold as reflected on the screenshot below and I don’t know how to go about it. I suspect the issue may be origination from Talk since on Formage the account is not a locked and the user has all the required permission. Kindly do you mind having a look into the issue please?

This user was silenced for typing too fast in their first post – i.e., submitting a first post in a second or two, which is spam-like behavior. I have restored the account’s ability to post.


Thanks @burke