Failing to configure my commit email address and username in git for a single repository.

I set up a GitHub account with username and email as given below: username = settix-dev and email = However, before setting up the GitHub account, I had created a Bit bucket account with username and email as given below: username = settix and email = I configured these in Git globally and they work well). But when I configure the new username and email to the openmrs specific repository and try to verify the configuration, I get unexpected output as here: Git configuration failure -

What’s the output of git config --local --list? What happens is git config --list lists all the properties through your shell’s pager (which is why it ends in : rather than the normal prompt). If you keep pressing <enter> eventually, you should get the local setting displayed.

@ibacher I have attached a link for the output here: Git configuration failure - But mean while let me try to keep pressing as you have advised. I will get back to you.

@ibacher Thanks so much indeed. It has worked. It has displayed the username and email address as expected.However, it seems I did not set my remote URL in advance. When I use <git remote -v> command, it returns <origin>. I have tried to set my URL using <origin> ,but I get an error(fatal: remote origin already exits). Check the log here: Remote url -

this means you didnot fork your repo checkout Using Git - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@herbert24 Will it work get I fork?

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try looking through that link i have dropped you

Ok, let me do the needful.