Failing to commit changes

I have been working on this issue but when I try to push the changes I get this error How can I go about it?

cc @dkayiwa

Hi @jwnasambu

Did u work on you’re own fork from the core ?

You can’t directly push to the remote

Thank for your response but I am not on core.

ERROR: Permission to openmrs/openmrs-core.git denied to jwnasambu.

it says youre trying to push to core ?

I have deleted the branch forked and cloned a fresh, created a branch but still getting the same issue.I have tried the explanation on this link but all in vain.

Julie If am right this is the fork

Just try to do this

git remote set-url

then try to push

Thanks let me do it

it looks like you are not pushing to your fork,when cloning make sure you first fork