Failing to build openmrs 3 app modules

Hi, Has anyone who tried building openmrs 3 with openmrs build command after assembling using the openmrs assemble command got [openmrs] Unexpected token '?' as the response? If yes, how did you solve the problem? Screenshot from 2022-06-02 15-53-14

In general, please run the build command before running the assemble command. I've never seen that error before. Which version of the openmrstool do you have installed? (You can get this by runningopenmrs --version`).

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Thanks @ibacher , the openmrs tool version I use is 3.3.1. I followed this tutorial OpenMRS - Microfrontend Tooling - YouTube

I had similar issue and upgrading node version helped me. Initially I had v10.24.1 and I ugpraded to v14.X and resolved my issue.

How to upgrade node version - apt - How can I update my nodeJS to the latest version? - Ask Ubuntu

Thanks a lot @druchniewicz …giving that a try I am currently using nvm to download node versions. i suppose I will need to upgrade to 14

Might be even better to go with Node 16, the active LTS. I think that’s generally what we target.

@druchniewicz Thanks for the pointer!

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