Failing test by travis within appframe work.

According to the ticket i am working on ,i am required to make some changes within the app framework.I successfully made the changes and they built well locally but on pushing, i got a failing test!!! I decided to remove all the changes i made and at least add a space within my code,then pushed but still getting the same test failing with even almost no change made since i just added a space.My latest pr for this which also contains the failing test is I have tried to debug the failing test and it seems it is not an error encountered locally.Could any one be having a clue on solving this travis error??? @dkayiwa @isears @mksd @wyclif @k.joseph

Hi @herbert24

This is definitely not your fault. It looks like the travis-ci build tests have been failing for a while now.

I’ve just opened a PR with a fix, but I’m just waiting on feedback from some of the other devs before I merge it in:

I’d say for now you should keep working on your ticket and as long as your tests pass locally you should be fine. When the patch gets merged in you can rebase.


@mozzy @isears thanks aloot for this

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@isears , ya that looks to be a cool solution. the idea of refreshing the Context >> new AppFrameworkActivator().contextRefreshed() every after test ,seems fine. Thanks.

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@isears that was awesome! :smile:

I have merged it.

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Thanks! Was definitely a tricky bug to track down, haha!


@isears @dkayiwa thanks

And i love the speed at which you nailed it down @isears ! :smile: