failing openmrs core tests

i cloned the openmrs-core and did clean install which ran perfectlys with all tests passing then I created a branch to work on a ticket which also ran perfectly including running in the tomcat server with a local db; but now the issue is that when i checkout the master branch and try doing a maven clean install or create another branch I keep getting these errors in the tests as show here .I am lost to what is happening here…any help rendered goes a long way…

what does git status respond with on command line?

User@meant MINGW64 /d/oc/openmrs-core (master) $ git status On branch master Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/master’.

nothing to commit, working tree clean

try compiling api folder separately;

cd api;mvn clean install

and see if that passes get back to the parent folder and compile the entire application and see if that clears things out;

cd ../;mvn clean install

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Same error is occuring after doing a maven clean install in the api…

try running it in eclipse or your equivalent IDE!

just to be clear…I am in eclipse; Should I do a maven build with goals as mvn clean build?

u are always safe trying out what u have in mind :slight_smile:

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unfortunately am running into the same errors

have u committed any changes, try git log!

i havent done any in the master branch…

User@meant MINGW64 /d/oc/openmrs-core (master) $ git log commit 61178e8e6b0d17e265f2deeb4331c59edb5b92b7 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD, TRUNK-5544) Author: Wyclif Luyima Date: Wed May 8 19:35:24 2019 -0400

Applying auto format changes

commit 0853f0c6bc3415a1270606ba6a7dc9d89681730e Author: Brandon Istenes Date: Mon May 6 15:50:34 2019 -0400

TRUNK-5491: toString methods should not hit the database (#2892)

commit 9e474b6613b347a4fa68e08a4c6ac067f466dd1f Author: Dimitri R Date: Fri Apr 19 14:55:38 2019 +0200

TRUNK-381: BaseContextSensitiveTest to allow overriding of base setup credentials. (#2885)

modified:   api/src/test/java/org/openmrs/test/

BTW, does that single test pass when u run it separately in eclipse or with mvn test -Dtest=AllergenTest?

i indicated only only one but all the others are failing too…

it still fails…

send the entire logs then after trying mvn test -DreuseForks=false

the terminal truncated some of the log messages…failing to send the entire log

@reagan I think deleting it and cloning afresh would be ok. What’s your thought @k.joseph

@reagan , i ddint exactly understand that. You mentoned that tests innitially succesfully passed.

Now is the failure after adding in any local change?? or just merely checking out another branch?? :thinking:

i checkedout another branch and did some changes which were successfull with tests passing…however when i checkedout master branch again it wasnt passed tests now

am noticing that on my git log the initial commit seems to have somewhere in the head this branch TRUNK-5544…could this mean i changed something in the current HEAD?