Failing Ci Builds

We do have some failing builds that need to be fixed ie Reference Application - Distribution: Plan summary - OpenMRS Bamboo and Reference Application - UI: Plan summary - OpenMRS Bamboo , hello @k.joseph could you be doing some fixes around these two?

openmrs-eip: Project summary - OpenMRS Bamboo hi @wyclif,is there any fix on going for this?

cc @k.joseph @dkayiwa @mksd @grace @jennifer

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checking in on these builds that were failing, openmrs-eip is now disabled and the rest are successful, cc @dkayiwa @grace @jennifer

No. I disabled all of them.

though the dashboard shows 2 successful plans around that area :smiley:

If you take a second look, you will notice that i disabled the Run UI tests on Travis job for the reference application distribution because it has been failing for 3 weeks.

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Hey @k.joseph, So since we hadn’t heard from you but the build kept failing for the last 3+ weeks, Daniel went ahead and set the failing tests to “ignore”. So now it passes: Reference Application - Distribution: Plan summary - OpenMRS Bamboo

However, this is obviously not a real fix :stuck_out_tongue: (And I’m extra concerned that if we leave this alone much longer, we might forget about it.)

Can you identify why these tests are failing - e.g. is the test itself broken, or is there an actual RefApp bug?

We need to know this so we can address any bugs that might have happened, especially before our next RefApp release.

You might also want to create a ticket to track this issue/work in the QA Team Board on Jira :slight_smile: