Failed to start pacs-integration


Currently i upgraded from bahmni v91 to v92, I did the same with PACS. I used the documentation but while trying to start the service this is the message I get:

[root@AA /]# service pacs-integration status
Service pacs-integration is not running
[root@AA /]# service pacs-integration start
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/var/run/pacs-integration/pacs-integration': No such file or directory
Starting pacs-integration
/opt/pacs-integration/bin/ line 4: /var/run/pacs-integration/ No such file or directory

Any idea why?

were you able to solve this. I am getting exactly same issue.

Before starting the service, try adding some delay (e.g. in Python sleep 90)

Had same issue. There is missing run directory in /opt/pacs-integration/ . Created and started services. It worked for me.