failed to start odoo

Hi, i am facing a problem when i install bahmni erp, here is the error that i get “odoo failed to start”

please need your help, i try this out but still getting the same error

Thank you

I would strongly suggest trying out the Docker version of Bahmni. It has Odoo in it packaged with all libraries you need as a docker image. Will be easier to upgrade/test/etc.


type “systemctl status odoo.service” in the terminal you can see message like
“pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The ‘xlsxwriter’ distribution was not found” which means this package is not installed ,
install this package using pip install xlsxwriter and also do for the remaining packages
1. pip install xlsxwriter
2. pip install suds-jurko
3. pip install qrcode
4. pip install pypdf
5. pip install python-chart
6. pip install --upgrade pip
7. pip install psycogreen
8. pip install passlib
9. pip install ofxparse
10. pip install Babel==1.0
11. pip install python-stdnum
12. pip install requests
13.pip install pyserial
Install these above packages and after that fire the bahmni installation command
This should resolve the problem