Failed to Start Modules in advance openMRS Setup

mark every thing as read and restart your instance,ie if starting modules from the admisnistration section fails

Appreciate your reply. followed the steps but getting same error messages.

on restarting your openmrs instance?

Yes! I am using addons 2.11.0.

Few modules not getting started. Showing this error ,

try starting all of them at once

Trying to start them all will not fix that liquibase error. You need to share the server side log via for details of the exact cause of the error.

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Thanks For Your reply. i have paste the server log here

Sorry for inconvenience. i cant able to paste whole logs on pastebin that’s why split it.

Which version of Java are you running?

Thanks for your reply. I am using Java 8 and the issue has gone by starting every module one by one through legacy ui.Thanks