Failed to setup server:

i have failed to setup my openmrs server i have followed steps in developer guide upto Select distribution version. and i got errors

Oh sorry! Which guide and are you using? Besides, do you mind sharing the error log you are getting using pastebin?

i have shared the error pastebin and if possible u can add me sometime interacting

Kindly am not seeing the pastebin error log. Could you have shared else where?

its like after selecting versions of distribution to deploy i get errors in the screenshot below

it cant let me continue to access admin page

Kindly did you copy the entire error log the way it appears on the terminal? basing on what you have shared, it appears you have mixed up things.

i request that you give me sometime i take you though steps l’m following .we can use zoom and i share screen. if you can set time for me in your free time