Failed to set up OpenMRS distribution server with SDK + MySQL5.7 in a docker container

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Here’s what I did:

  1. Set up a mysql 5.7 in docker container.
  2. Use openmrs SDK to set up a distribution server with mysql in the docker container.

The setup failed.

Please help. Here’s the Pastebin link. Thank you!

Hi @rainbow,

The error log suggests that the current user doesn’t have access to docker engine. Can you check what happens if you use ‘sudo’ to run the failed command as root?

I’ve tried that. Still failed. It says in the log trying to start docker, but the container with MySQL already has started before I run the SDK setup. Could this cause the failure?

@herbert24 do you know how to unblock Rainbow here?

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@grace, I figured it out. Thanks! The user needs to user needs powershell on windows and super user on Linux.